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Hello! I am Grace Pamela, owner of Summerana [suhm-er-ah-na] Photography, based in Eagle River, Wisconsin. 

I specialize in using natural light and gorgeous locations to create colorful, unique, and whimsical photographs. I am also a teacher in Photoshop and Lightroom, and help mentor otherphotographers and create editing tools for them in my second business, Summerana.com. This is where the extra magic in your photos comes from!

I began my official photography journey in 2012 after my husband, Daniel, bought me my very first camera as a surprise. As a lifelong lover of arts, it was meant to be and I haven't looked back since. Additionally, Daniel runs a sought after professional DJ business and we often team up to create the ultimate DJ/Wedding photographer package. 

Not only do I shoot local to our home in Wisconsin, but I also travel worldwide for destination photoshoots. 

I love being able to capture your personalities and also all the little details that make your portraits special and I can't wait to meet you!